This blog has moved…

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Hello lovelies,

Have recently set up a self-hosted tarot blog:  Tarot Journal


Lots of articles, essays, blog posts and insights a la troi/theraggededge/Bev I like having lots of names, don’t you?

Don’t waste any more time here. I’ll probably transfer some of the stuff from this blog to the new one anyway.

See you there.

Ta ra

troi xx


The Seven of Swords – A staged performance?

•October 23, 2009 • 2 Comments

001 (2)I find the Seven of Swords to be a very interesting card.  The traditional meaning is ‘thief’.  Corrine Kenner in “Tarot for Writers” describes it thus: “The Seven of Swords depicts the proverbial thief in the night. He has stolen into his enemy’s camp, and he’s making off with the weapons left unguarded.  The enemies are oblivious to the fact that they have been invaded.” So, yes, this is the usual interpretation of this card and I often warn clients to take extra care of purses and wallets if it appears in a reading.

However, if I apply my ‘moving pictures‘ technique then the card can appear in a whole new light.  Pull away from the card; zoom out.  Doesn’t this version (the Mary Hanson-Roberts recolouration of the RWS) look as though the figure is an actor on a stage? His movements are exaggerated and his enjoyment is undisguised. He is almost relaxed as he prances off with his trophies. And look at it this way, aren’t all stage performances attempting to deceive the audience in some way? Albeit with the audience’s willingness to participate in the deception.

When the Seven of Swords appears in a reading, as well as mentioning, the ‘take care of your wallet’ mantra, I begin to wonder what is the querent deliberately overlooking? What ‘game’ is s/he participating in? Is the client ‘practising to deceive’ or are they allowing someone else to deceive them?

I also try to look at the situation in a positive way… after all this guy is happy; this may not be a bad thing.  How about if this card means that the client is in the process of reclaiming something that belongs to them? It might not be a physical object – it might be their reputation, their confidence, their self-belief, their talent or even their faith. Perhaps they allowed someone to humiliate them or denigrate them and this is their version of revenge – they simply stop believing that that person can hurt them any more.

I like this card.

Read more about ‘Moving Pictures‘.

Tarot for Writers – A review

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I’ve been reading and working from “Tarot for Writers” by Corrine Kenner.  Have found it extremely useful, and more so as I have been putting the various techniques into practice.TarotForWritersPromo I’ve composed an in-depth review of the book here: Tarot for Writers

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Worried about teenager

•March 28, 2009 • 2 Comments

SFJH Reading 260309

I was recently contacted by a mother, concerned about her 18 year son, who seems to have lost any interest in life.

The full reading is here.

Reading for a new apartment

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I was contacted by a young lady (she’ll like that) who has received the opportunity to move to a new apartment. She longs to tend a garden and create a magical space. Songs for the Journey Home was the obvious choice of deck and the first card which came up was Renewal.

Songs For The Journey Home - Renewal

See her reading in full here.

One card readng for AlphaInventions

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Slightly tongue-in-cheek or just a downright cheeky way of enticing new readers to m’tarot blog.

Using the Medieval Scapini deck I have drawn the Star


A great card for the New Year and the start of a new venture. This card indicates that Cheru, the owner of AlphaInventions, will have many resources to draw on and many people will make themselves available. I would guess that life hasn’t always been easy for him but this year it will improve beyond his imagination… or maybe not beyond his imagination…. the Star often appears to represent an ability to visualise ina magical way.

His personal life will be good too – the Star shows that much love surrounds him. A new cycle is beginning and the past must be used for all the experience it brought. Knowledge has been assimilated and can be put to good use in the future. Every good (and bad) thing has brought you to this point – nothing happened that didn’t  need to happen.

The next few months will be filled with serenity but at the same time there will be a build up of excitement. There is a distinct possibility that AlphaInventions will catch the attention of an interested investor or buyer. Then Cheru will have the financial resources to take him on to his next adventure.

Good luck!